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The Internet of Things: What it means for the Creative Industries?

Tue 28 Jun 2011 - The Museum of Brands, Notting Hill, London

The Technology Strategy Board has announced a £5m initiative aimed at accelerating the development of the ’Internet of Things’ ecosystem of applications and services and is inviting British businesses and other stakeholders to help shape the programme.

Beginning with a series of workshops and the launch of a 'Special Interest Group' in the Summer, which will be followed by investments in feasibility studies, research & development projects and pilots, the objective of the initiative is to help the UK gain an early advantage  in Internet of Things adoption, applications and services development.

The Internet of Things1 (or IoT) describes the revolution that is seeing a growing number of internet-enabled devices that can network and communicate with each other.  Things (e.g. objects, environments, vehicles and clothing) will have more and more information associated with them and may have the ability to sense, communicate, network and produce new information, becoming an integral part of the Internet.   A widespread Internet of Things has the potential to transform how we live in our cities, how we move, how we develop sustainably, how we age, and more.

The Technology Strategy Board which will announce the focus and parameters of the first competition in the Autumn, is organising a series of consultative workshops in May and June to engage businesses across a range of industrial sectors including healthcare, the built environment, energy and transport.

It is important that the views and interests of the creative industries are represented in the run-up to the competition and help to shape it. What are the opportunities for creative businesses, what ideas, skills and expertise can they bring to in the development of the internet of things, which it is estimated will be worth up to £200 billion a year, with new business models, applications and services across different sectors of the economy?

To this end, the Creative Industries KTN is organising a workshop on 28 June 2011  at The Museum of Brands, Notting Hill, London to discuss the initiative before it is fully developed and to steer it in such a way that it is potentially relevant to our sector. 

If you are interested in taking part and contributing to the debate, please register your interest and we will confirm your place.







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