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Tuesday, 20. August 2019  

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A study carried out by KEA for the European Centre for Development Policy Management (ECDPM) shows how Caribbean artists are benefiting from the EU-Cariforum European Partnership Agreement (EPA).

 At the end of 2008 the EU and 15 Cariforum countries signed an EPA. This was the first time the EU included cultural provisions in a trade agreement with third countries. Both Europe and the Caribbean have enormous cultural and creative assets, a wealth of ideas, artists and creative people and this trade agreement offered the opportunity to increase cultural exchanges and business cooperation.

 The cultural and creative sector is wide and covers the following activities: visual arts, performing arts, arts fairs, heritage, film and video, television and radio, video games, computer animation, music, publishing, design, fashion etc.

 The ECPDM study looks foremost at how eight EU Member States such as Belgium, Denmark, France, Germany, Italy, the Netherlands, Spain and the United Kingdom implemented the cultural provisions of the EPA. Due to their historical and linguistic ties these countries traditionally have the most cultural cooperation with the Cariforum countries. In addition the study examined the activities and funding programmes developed by the European Commission and the EU Member States.


The conclusion of the study is that EU Member States and the Cariforum countries are still in the very early stages of implementing the cultural provisions of the EPA. This has also some benefits and it leaves room to make recommendations. KEA makes a set of 29 recommendations for actions that the European Commission, the EU Member States and the Cariforum could take to ensure that the cultural provisions of the Cariforum-EU EPA can effectively become a more useful tool to increase and boost cultural cooperation and trade. KEA welcomes comments on the recommendations of the study!   


The study and its executive summary can be downloaded from KEA´s website:

For more information contact: Yolanda Smits at, Ana García at  or tel. +32.2.289 26 00.







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