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Sunday, 18. August 2019  

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The Creative Industries Theme Champions

In 2010, the Creative Industries KTN appointed five Theme Champions to lead our work in key areas and help our members seize the exciting opportunities being driven by technology innovation. These industry experts have built links with other organisations and networks, generated ideas, events and content on these issues that are vital to the future development of the creative industries.

The Five Key Themes Executive Summary summarises the Champions' achievements and developments within their themes over the first year of operation.

Click through on each theme to visit the Champion's group page.

Global Markets Mark Leaver 

Whether in music, movies, video games or publishing, the market for creative output is now truly global. However, it is not just advances in technology that have driven this global market but also the ability to develop and sell formats worldwide. Furthermore, global markets also bring global competitors: how will the creative industries respond to the challenge of new designers and producers from the rapidly developing world?

Experience Led Innovation Gus Desbarats

Experience-led innovation essentially puts the needs of the user first and foremost and then draws upon technical solutions to make those needs a reality.  This approach contrasts with what might be termed ‘technology-led innovation’ where the applications and their design follow on from technological advancements.

Smart Materials Chris Lefteri

Developments in new and functional materials – such as self-cleaning glass and clothing that monitors the health of the wearer – demonstrates how incorporating technology into materials can open up the potential for their application and exploitation by the creative industries.

Metadata Simon Hopkins

Metadata concerns information about information, and in a world with exponentially increasing volumes of content, the ability to identify and characterise information is not only indispensable, but it also opens up a whole new innovative space.  

Convergence Frank Boyd

The migration of content across different media networks and platforms TV, mobile and the web has been underway for some time. It offers opportunities to extend services, grow audience interaction, target different demographics, and develop completely new service and experience formats.







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