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Sunday, 21. July 2019  

Καλώς ήρθατε στο Βιοτεχνικό Πάρκο Ρεθύμνου (  ΒΙΟΠΑ ) Εδώ μπορείτε να βρείτε όλα τις πληροφορίες, έγγραφα, αιτήσεις που αναζητάτε σχετικά με το ΒΙΟ.ΠΑ. Ρεθύμνου.


Second Research Seminar: Poznam

21st September -  Ph.D. and Young Researchers Workshop

Session I

Session II

Jani Kozina (Slovenian Academy of Sciences and Arts) “Exploring creativity, creative class and its living environment – the case of Slovenia”

Kornelia Ehrlich (Leibniz Institute for Regional Geography, Leipzig) “Policies and formation projects towards a creative city - the case of Ljubljana

22nd September - Research Seminar

Keynote Speaker

Session I: Creative regions in Europe: An introduction

Session II

Nick Clifton (Cardiff School of Management, UWIC, UK), Høgni Kalsø Hansen (Lund University, Sweden)  “Towards a Reconciliation of the 'Context-less' with the 'Space-less'? Creative Class across Varieties of capitalism’: Evidence from Sweden and the UK”

Mirosław Grochowski (University of Warsaw), Tomasz Zegar (Mazovian Office for Regional Planning)“Creative industries in development policy of Warsaw Metropolitan Area”

Magdalena Fuhrmann, Sylwia Dudek-Mańkowska  (University of Warsaw) "From concepts to practical tools of support – development of creative sector in Warsaw”

- Monika Murzyn-Kupisz (Krakow University of Economics)“Cultural quarters as means of enhancing the creative capacity of Polish metropolises? Some recent evidence.” 

Session III: Creative industries in the periphery

Elisabete Tomaz (University Institute of Lisbon), Catarina Selada and Inês Vilhena da Cunha  (INTELI – Intelligence in Innovation, Innovation Centre) “Creativity-based strategies in small and medium-sized cities in Europe: The case of Portugal”

Krzysztof Bondyra (Adam Mickiewicz University in Poznań), Olga Mausch-Dębowska (University of Glasgow) Tradesmen, craftsmen, artisans and artists: social perception of the trade and craft sector”

Anna Kołodziejczak (Adam Mickiewicz University in Poznań) Local Action Groups as a factor of development of the creative  sector in the rural areas of Wielkopolska” 

Session IV: Creativity, innovativeness and restructuring of regional economies

Miguel Ángel Pesquera, Pablo Coto-Millán, Pedro Casares-Hontañón, Pablo De Castro (Universidad de Cantabria)“Serempathy: A new approach to innovation. An application to forty-six regions of Atlantic Arc countries”

Krzysztof Gwosdz (Jagiellonian University in Krakow), Agnieszka Sobala-Gwosdz (State School of Technology and Economics in Jarosław)  “Success and failure on the path to the new economy – experiences of towns of Katowice Conurbation, Poland”
Małgorzata Suchacka (University of Silesia in Katowice)“From industrial region to learning region – Silesian way in sociological perspective” 







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