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Sunday, 25. August 2019  

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Statistical, ecosystems and competitiveness analysis of the media and content industries: The media and content industries. A quantitative overview

This report offers a quantitative statistical approach to the Media and Content Industries (MCI). It is based on official data sources and complemented with data from non-official data sources. The current OECD definition of the MCI sector is discussed, as regards the limitations of the definition itself and of its operationalization. The approach taken in the collection of data, and also problems with data availability, are dealt with.
The official data sources consulted include Eurostat data for EU Member States, the OECD and national statistical offices. In addition, the report draws on a number of non-official sources which complement official statistics and contribute to a better analysis and understanding of the economic profile of the MCI sector, particularly when describing new developments not (yet) covered by official statistics. Data from non-official sources to describe some emerging trends regarding the effect of ICT on the MCI are also provided.
The study contains an economic profile of the Media and Content Industries for the individual EU Member States and for the US, Japan, India and China.







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