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Sunday, 25. August 2019  

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A KEA study carried out for the European Commission's IPR2 Programme. KEA has been commissioned to compile a ‘Working Paper Mapping the Cultural and Creative Sectors in the EU and China’ in the framework of the ’EU-China Project on the Protection of Intellectual Property Rights’ (IPR2). IPR2 is a project funded by the EU and Chinese authorities with the overall objective of supporting China’s smooth integration into the World Trading System, and of contributing to its transition to the market economy. The specific purpose of IPR2 is to improve the effectiveness of intellectual property rights (IPR) enforcement in China. To achieve this, IPR2 has initiated an action plan to prepare and launch a platform gathering relevant stakeholders from the cultural and creative sectors in order to exchange information and experiences on the functioning of both markets, including policies and legislation. KEA’s assignment aims to help IPR2 to develop a strategy plan for the setup of such a platform and contribute to the different phases of the action plan. This interim report relates to phases 1 and 2: 1) Identification of the key stakeholders in the cultural and creative sectors in the EU and China (the deliverable is a database annexed to the Working Paper). 2) A condensed mapping document (about 40 pages) that provides an overview of the different sectors and activities covered by cultural and creative sectors in the EU and China. It considers the policies and IP legislation applicable to the cultural and creative industries in China, and their impact at business level. Finally, it looks at how trade in IP can be used as a strategic tool for business development between the EU and China. Download the PDF files below: Full report- EN







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