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Sunday, 18. August 2019  

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Green business model innovation in the tourism and experience economy - Cases from Austria, Portugal, Denmark, Finland, Mexico, Norway, Sweden, Iceland, Russia and South Korea

Winning by differentiating and greening your innovation strategy The report gives clear descriptions about how companies can work with green innovation and list a number of simple questions enabling companies to embark on the process. Moreover, the report introduces a capability ladder making it easy for companies to assess their own maturity level of working with green business model innovation. This report presents the results of company workshop sessions with 28 companies from ten countries (Austria, Portugal, Denmark, Finland, Mexico, Norway, Sweden, Iceland, Russia and South Korea), providing insights into how they work strategically with green business model innovation, focusing on value creation and green innovation. Ten inspiring company cases illustrate the challenges of working with sustainability within a business model innovation framework called the Green Innovation Radar put into useful perspectives by the authors. The ten cases are described in detail, including their green innovation efforts and management, and the application of business model innovation as a tool for green growth. Insights into tourism and experience industries are connected with the increasing need to make the transition from innovation to green innovation. The report also explores the national policy and macro-economic context in which the companies operate, particularly identifying drivers of and barriers to development of green products and services. Finally, with this publication Nordic Innovation aim to give both mangers in companies and policy makers a thorough understanding of the potential of green business model innovation and green growth, thus the company cases presented herein may constitute excellent cases to learn from. This report has been developed upon commission from the Nordic Council of Ministers and in close co-operation with the OECD Tourism Committee.







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