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Sunday, 18. August 2019  

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“Discussing financial possibilities for Cultural and Creative Industries in the Northern Dimension Area"

The cultural and creative industries (CCI) in the Northern Dimension area have an impressive capacity for growth, so important in a time of economic downturn. Northern Europe – with its rich cultural assets, important heritage and a diverse cultural and artistic productivity – has an amazing possibility to develop sustainable creative economy. Hence, it is with the aim of stimulating an effective dialogue on financial opportunities for the CCI operators that the NDPC will organize a conference in Warsaw, Poland, taking place on December 4-5, 2012. Its core participants will include: the Northern Dimension cultural and creative industry representatives, policymakers responsible for facilitating their growth, as well as financial institutions. The conference offers a discussion how to financially support the cultural and creative industries. The added value of the discussions is the opportunity to dissect both points of view – the artistic and the business sectors – in order to create an effective model for the mutually beneficial financing of the CCI sector. The conference will propose concrete solutions to financial challenges of the cultural and creative industries. The CCI already represent a leading sector of the economy in the OECD countries. However, as much as it is crucial for their operators to have an easy access to financing, we are aware that it is also a challenging process. Firstly, cultural projects’ financing is burdened by the traditional, alas ineffective, approach to funding. Secondly, one of the main challenges may be the reluctance of the banking sector to financially participate in the creative industries’ production. Therefore, the NDPC Warsaw conference will aim to offer a practical approach to financial support for CCI, as well as to present the participants with an opportunity to engage in the opinion-sharing and inspirational debates. Additionally, all parties will have a chance to propose concrete solutions to financial challenges of the cultural and creative industries, for example by trying to bridge the gap between public and private funding. The issues raised during the conference will include, among others, presenting the existing mechanisms for the production and internationalisation of the CCI creations, debating on key investment priorities, as well as on influencing growth, jobs and sustainability in the cultural and creative economy sector. The conference will feature a presentation and a panel discussion touching on the issues of “Financial opportunities for the CCI operators in the ND area”. We will showcase the concrete experiences of the institutions in the Northern Dimension area that have successfully managed to fund their projects. The representatives of national governments and other European networks shall expect to receive crucial information on the core developments of the CCI financing. Venue The conference will be held at the Royal Łazienki Museum in Warsaw. Conference languages The languages of the conference are Polish, English. Information Desk The registration and information desk for the participants of the conference will be available at official conference hotels on 4th December as well as in the conference venue – Royal Łazienki Museum. All necessary meeting documents and publications will be displayed and available at the information desk at the Royal Łazienki Museum If you have any questions regarding the confrerence, please contact Join us on facebook:







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