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Sunday, 18. August 2019  

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New strategy for Creative Industries innovation, 2013-16

The creative industries form one of the UK's leading industrial sectors. Businesses ranging from advertising and crafts to performing arts and video games employ 1.4m people and contribute 5.3% of the country's output (GVA). The strength of this UK sector is recognised globally, and it is seen as one that can help push economic recovery. PwC has forecast a compound annual growth rate of 4.2% for the UK's media and entertainment industry to 2016. Exports of UK television programmes increased by 127% between 2006 and 2009, placing us second only to the US in international sales. Alongside the direct wealth they bring, creative businesses are a source of new ideas, knowledge and fresh thinking for the wider economy. Creative Industries Strategy 2013-16 Other opportunity areas action plan 2013-14 Delivery Plan 2013-14 Our Creative Industries Strategy 2013-2016 highlights the major trends affecting the industry: continued digitisation fragmentation of audiences changing user behaviours convergence - the need for services to work across different devices and environments disintermediation - cutting out the need for the middleman. These trends have contributed to the emergence of an increasingly complex digital landscape. They are having a big impact on traditional ways of gaining value from products and services, but, at the same time, they offer significant opportunities for creative businesses in the UK. Since 2007, we have provided £30m of support to more than 300 projects and helped more than 330 creative businesses to develop new products and services. Examples include feasibility funding for Ostmodern to develop its own content platform, Hatch TV; and collaborative research and development funding for Zoo Digital to develop a system to track media files across the production process. We expect to invest in excess of £30m between 2013 and 2016 to support our new strategy for the creative industries. Consultation with the industry and our own analysis have led us to identify the challenges facing the industry, the most significant opportunities for businesses and the areas where we can best provide support. We will help businesses to develop new products and services that meet the challenge of producing and distributing content across many different devices and platforms. We will help them to development the platforms and technologies that allow them to gain value from their products and services, from valuation and licensing of digital assets to creation, distribution, purchase and consumption of content. And we will support the development of improved data and metadata tools and technologies that enhance the value of creative products and services. A significant opportunity exists in creative businesses working together and with other industries. We will support knowledge sharing across the creative industries community, encourage and support innovation between creative businesses and other sectors of the economy, bring together the technology innovation and design innovation communities to harness the power of design earlier in the research and development process, and promote creative applications of technology to improve sustainability and increase UK competitiveness. To bring together the creative industries innovation community, we have established the Creative Industries Knowledge Transfer Network. To become a member visit We have also recently set up the Connected Digital Economy Catapult. It is proposing a significant programme for digital media and content. To find out more visit







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