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Content Online for Creativity,Brdo, Slovenia, 04-06/06/08


Poster Europe Day 2008


The Slovenian Presidency cordially invites you to the “Creative Content Online” conference, which is co-funded by the European Commission. The main purpose of the conference “Content Online for Creativity” is to explore added-value actions that could be taken at European level to improve the competitiveness of the European online content production and distribution industry while enhancing both cultural diversity Europe's cultural industries. 

The conference will thus open a debate on the issues of how to promote creation, production, online accessibility and consumption of quality digital content online. The promotion of creative online content goes hand in hand with strengthening European values among European citizens and the globalized world in general. The focus of the conference is digital content with the potential to communicate cultural values at the European, national and local levels. The challenges of so-called “cultural and creative content” distributed via new communication technologies need to be addressed in a specific way and adjusted to the diversity of cultural expressions, especially from the point of view of online content, media literacy, mobile TV, licensing and business models.

The conference will gather experts, policy makers, stakeholders and other interested parties. It is inspired by the European Commission’s Communication on Creative Content Online in Europe’s Single Market and Communication on Media Literacy in the Digital Environment.

The conference consists of four main sessions on topical issues:

  • New business models for online distribution of content;
  • Piracy and legal offers;
  • Management on copyright online;
  • Media literacy and Cultural diversity.

Enclosed please find the Tentative programme and Practical information regarding accommodation and organisation of the event, as well as Instructions for completing the application form for accreditation.

Please take note that the number of available places is limited. In view of this, only one person per company or organization can be accepted. Please note that participants are expected to meet all their costs as well as the cost of the accommodation and their flight to and from Ljubljana.

You are kindly asked to register through an internet-based meeting manager programme by 15 May 2008 at the latest. For more information regarding the registration procedure, please consult the attached documents. Detailed and timely registration is essential since it provides the basis for the logistical support (booking of hotel rooms, transportation from the airport to the hotel, etc.).

For further information please do not hesitate to contact:


Mr Skender ADEM
Ministry of Culture
Telephone: +386 1 369 5985
E-mail: skender.adem(at)



Ministry of Culture
Telephone: +386 1 369 5880
E-mail: barbara.vodopivec(at)

Ministry of Culture
Telephone: +386 1 369 5999
E-mail: urska.zupanec(at)







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