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Sunday, 18. August 2019  

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Culture improves Nordic competitiveness

Lena Adelsohn Liljeroth (Photo: Magnus Fröderberg/


A new cultural campaign aims to improve the position of the Nordic Region in global competitiveness and to strengthen the creative industries and international dialogue, according to the Nordic ministers of culture, who have just agreed on a joint globalisation cultural initiative.

Nordic Co-operation will now play a more active role in international competition on welfare, values and jobs. At least if it is up to the five Nordic ministers of culture. The ministers agree that culture and the arts should help to improve Nordic competitive power and raise the region’s international profile. These were two areas given high priority by the Nordic prime ministers at the globalisation summit in Riksgränsen in April.

"We are looking forward to playing an active role in the globalisation work started by the prime ministers. The demands of globalisation require us to develop a future-orientated strategy for the co-operation’s international challenges in the areas of culture and the media too", explained Sweden’s Minister of Culture, Lena Adelsohn Liljeroth, current chair of the Council of Ministers for Culture.

As the first follow-up to the ministers’ globalisation initiative, the ministers of culture will approach the Nordic ministers of trade directly with a proposal for joint ventures in the creative industries. The Nordic Game Program, an initiative taken by the ministers of culture, has produced excellent results in the form of educational computer games for children and young people. The Nordic Film and TV Fund has supported the development of quality productions. These two areas will be further developed and put to better use in international marketing of the Nordic countries as a creative region.

"There is no doubt that creativity, innovation and products which create identity are becoming of increasing importance in international competition. The Nordic countries have excellent qualifications to take the lead within those very areas. We already have a high international status in, for example, films and TV and, not least, in relation to the new media. This raises completely new economic perspectives in a common branding of the Nordic Region," says Lena Liljeroth.

The enlargement of inter-cultural co-operation constitutes the other major part of the ministers of culture's globalization ventures. The ministers want, amongst other things, to strengthen the profile of Nordic traditions for cultural dialogue and democratic discourse. The aim is to optimise development conditions for both cultural life and business life through a greater cultural exchange between other regions and countries.







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