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Monday, 19. August 2019  

Καλώς ήρθατε στο Βιοτεχνικό Πάρκο Ρεθύμνου (  ΒΙΟΠΑ ) Εδώ μπορείτε να βρείτε όλα τις πληροφορίες, έγγραφα, αιτήσεις που αναζητάτε σχετικά με το ΒΙΟ.ΠΑ. Ρεθύμνου.


NEM :Where Networks and Content meet

Business meetings and initial talks with local businesses, knowledge providers, creative industries and national bodies have already been started for the creation of a regional technology platform in networks and media, a mirror group to the NEM technology platform. Similar initiative have been taken in Romania and Lithuania. EOMMEX will stage a national conference in September 2008 in Rethymno where the idea of the regional technology platform will be presented


The NEM Initiative is the European Technology Platform on networked electronic media. It brings together those who produce and process all

kinds of electronic content – including video, audio, interactive, and games –and those interested in networking and distribution.

European Technology Platforms aim to develop a sustainable European leadership in their field

– in NEM's case, the convergence of media and information and communication technologies.

NEM's members include content producers, broadcasters, telcos, universities, and industrial companies.

NEM’s vision is based on three main goals to be achieved by 2015:

· A leading European networked and electronic media industry competitive with other business regions in the world;

· A regulatory environment favouring the deployment of NEM technologies to improve the quality of life and maximise economic growth and skilled employment in Europe;

· Open business models across the value network and novel revenue generating models.

NEM has developed a strategic research agenda (SRA) detailing the R&D needed to fulfil its vision

– it is available at . The SRA is one of the documents used by funding bodies such as the European Commission or national governments when developing the workplans for their R&D programmes. 







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