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Tuesday, 20. August 2019  

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Kick-off for six new Creative Industries projects!


As a result of the second Call for proposal within the thematic area Creative Industries, the Nordic Innovation Centre (NICe) presents six new Nordic-Baltic projects.

The projects aim at contributing to a professionalizing of the Creative Industries by emphasizing on the integration of the creative areas and business competencies, and by establishing awareness within the sector through enhancing the knowledge of the economic setting and business environment. NICe invests 10 million NOK in the six projects over a two-year period.

A penny for your thoughts!
The project focuses on early stage financing and at the use and management of such finance from the perspectives of both the investors (private equity, seed capitalists and business angels) and recipients in the CI. The focus is on design production of designed goods with an emphasis on design (including web and content, graphic, and industrial designers) and on the fashion industry.
Project leader: University of Iceland, Margret Sigurdardottir
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CSR Design - Nordic innovation and growth
The project will focus on and support the (unused) potential amongst Nordic SME’s to use CSR-design (Corporate Social Responsibility) as a driver for increased competitiveness and growth. A platform for new business ventures with focus on development of welfare products, innovation skills, and a sustainable and holistic approach to design and business will be development.
Project leader: Danish Commerce and Company Agency, Torben Jensen
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Experience design in city tourism
This project will investigate how tourist experiences are, can and should be designed, communicated and understood with reference to the user’s point of view. The project shall develop models on how to use design in the service and tourism sectors, but the broad concept shall be applicable to other sectors as well.
Project leader: Wonderful Copenhagen, Ole Kjaer Mansfeldt
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Mobile learning environments (MLE)
The MLEs is an interesting and profitable area to venture for educational, business, research purposes. The projects aims at producing recommendations for future platform standardisations of MLE, guidelines and concrete measures to be used by the future developers of MLE applications and policy recommendations on how MLEs could be implemented in Nordic schools to policy makers on a governmental and regional level.
Project leader: Swedish Institute for Computer Science, Jonas Söderberg
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Nordic model for Creative Industries Development Centre
The objective of the project is to help Nordic cities to understand how to taking into account the potential inherent in creative economy and to develop regional concepts for creative industries. Strategies will be developed for creative economy in four cities – Tartu, Turku, Uddevalla and Bergen.
Project leader: Tartu City Government/Dept. of Culture, Kroot Kaljusto-Munck
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Nordic Serious Games
The project aims at uniting and strengthening the Nordic serious games industry. The objective is also to promote innovation in the serious games area resulting in new interactive media services for both private and public sector.
Project leader: University of Jyväskylä/Agora Center, Marja Kankaanranta
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For more information, please contact:
Petra Nilsson-Andersen
Senior Advisor
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