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1st Global Business Incubation Day

First Global Business Incubation Day

Date: 8th December 2008 

Venues: Around the globe  

Join us in celebrating the global impact of business incubation. Worldwide celebrations will highlight the role that business incubation has in developing and growing innovation and entrepreneurship. 

8th December 2008 will see the first ever global celebration of innovation and entrepreneurship through business incubation. Although the process of business incubation has been utilised to regenerate and revitalise economies across the global for over 50 years, never before have practitioners and supporters all focused on one day to detail how they are growing the enterprises for the future. 

Already, there are over 40 nations preparing their celebrations for Global Business Incubation Day, with planned events such as:
  • Official launches of new business incubation environments
  • Exhibitions of successful client companies, their products and services
  • Open days for the local community to go into the business incubators to see first hand how business incubation supports the development and growth of businesses
  • Local, national and international press campaigns
  • Groundbreaking research into the impact of business incubation on socioeconomic factors; and
  • Parties to celebrate the success of the past and to look forward to the bright future. 

On the day itself, this site will feature webcasts from around the globe as celebrations take place in countries such as New Zealand, America, Romania, India, Chile, the UK, Japan, Korea and others across all 5 continents. Details of all participating business incubation environments and supporters will be listed here over the coming weeks, with more and more contacting us each day. 

If you would like to be involved in the first ever celebration of innovation and entrepreneurship through Business Incubation, please click here and tell us your plans! You will receive monthly updates on who else is celebrating with you, enabling you to network with colleagues across the globe, logos for use in your own publicity and promotion and ways to promote your environment and country to a worldwide audience. 

Please keep visiting back regularly and ensure that you are part of the party! If you would like to read Toni's blog on the development of Global Business Incubation Day, please click here.


If you would like to download the 1st Global Business Incubation Day logo, please find it below under Download 1. If you would like to link to the site, please use the URL:







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