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Global Entertainment and Media Outlook: 2008-2012


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New edition released June 18, 2008.

A leading entertainment and media industry forecast.Covering the US, Europe, Middle East, Africa, Asia Pacific, Latin America, and Canada.In-depth global analyses and five-year growth projections for 15 industry segments.

Outlook covers these industry segments:

Internet wired and mobile access consists of fees paid by consumers to Internet service providers and to wireless carriers for Internet access via mobile devices, whether provided as a stand-alone service or as part of a bundle. Figures include neither the purchase of content such as music... Wired and mobile Internet advertising consists of spending by online advertisers on display, classified, paid-search, video, and other online formats as well as advertising delivered to mobile phones via text messages, display ads, video ads, local search, and other formats designed for mobile handset screens. The television distribution market consists of revenues generated by distributors of television programming to viewers. It includes spending by consumers on subscriptions to basic and premium channels accessed from cable operators... The television advertising market consists of advertiser spending on both terrestrial and multichannel television. It is distinct from advertising on mobile TV and advertising on TV Web sites, both of which are covered in the “Internet Advertising: Wired and Mobile” chapter. The recorded music market consists of consumer spending on physical formats—albums, single sound recordings, and music videos—as well as on digital distribution. Digital distribution consists of music distributed to mobile phones through wireless carriers and music downloaded... The filmed entertainment market consists of consumer spending at the box office for theatrical motion pictures plus spending on renting at video stores and other retail outlets (the in-store rental market) and purchase of home video products in retail outlets (the sell-through market). . The video games market reflects consumer spending on console games (including handheld games), personal computer (PC) games, online games, and wireless games, as well as on video game advertising. The category excludes spending on the hardware and accessories used for playing the games. The consumer magazine publishing market consists of spending by advertisers in consumer print magazines and on magazine Web sites and magazine mobile sites. Consumer magazine publishing also includes spending by readers to purchase magazines via subscriptions... The newspaper publishing market consists of spending on daily print newspapers by advertisers and readers and of advertising on newspaper Web sites and mobile phone sites. Spending by readers includes both newsstand purchases and subscriptions. Sunday editions... The radio and out-of-home advertising market consists of advertiser spending on radio stations and radio networks, plus out-of-home media such as billboards, street furniture (bus shelters, kiosks, etc.), transit displays (bus sides, on-train print, taxi toppers, etc.), sports... Theme parks and amusement parks are typically outdoor venues that feature rides as the primary attractions. Spending consists of admission fees and, if applicable, food, souvenirs, and other related purchases made at the parks. Expenditures at zoos, museums,... Casino and other regulated gaming consists of betting activities conducted within brick-and-mortar casinos, including land-based casinos, riverboats, dockside casinos, tribal casinos, slot parlors, racinos (slots at racetracks), and limited-stakes casinos, as well as... The consumer and educational book publishing market consists of retail spending by consumers on consumer books; spending by schools, government agencies, and students on elementary, high school, and college textbooks, including graduate textbooks; and... The business-to-business publishing market consists of spending on business information, print directory advertising (online directories are captured in the “Internet Advertising: Wired and Mobile” chapter), print advertising in trade magazines, advertising on trade... The sports market consists of gate revenues for live sporting events; rights fees paid by broadcast and cable television networks, television stations, and radio broadcasters to air those events; merchandising, which includes the selling of products with player likenesses...

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