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Tuesday, 20. August 2019  

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Communities in control: real people, real power

Communities in control: real people, real power


Communities in control: real people, real power was launched on 9 July 2008. This White Paper is about passing power to communities and giving real control and influence to more people.

Our key themes are power, influence and control: who has power, on whose behalf is it exercised, how is it held to account, and how can it be diffused throughout the communities we live in. It is about democracy, and how democratic practices and ideals can be applied to our complex, modern society.

The White Paper does not signify the end of work in this area. It is intended as a catalyst for change and its success will be measured over the medium term. Communities in Control contains an annex which gives an indication of plans for implementation. Some elements of the White Paper will be subject to formal consultation during the summer months. We will publish a full Implementation Plan shortly.

Some of the policies within the White Paper will require legislation. These will feature in the Community Empowerment, Housing and Economic Regeneration Bill, which forms part of the draft 2008/2009 legislative programme.







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