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Monday, 19. August 2019  

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Governance Structures in National Research and Innovation Policy

Comparison and Assessment of the Approaches in the VISION Era-Net Partner Countries

Summary of the project

Governance has been defined as the systems and practices that governments use to set priorities and agendas, implement policies and obtain knowledge about their impacts and effectiveness. These systems and practices are in a permanent state of flux. Research and innovation policy is not an exception. To support the policy learning related to the innovation policy transition, VISION Era-Net partners have initiated a study to compare and analyze recent developments in nine partner countries. The study will identify the major challenges facing the governance of national innovation systems, and will explore in detail what factors create pressure for renewal, why this happens, and whether the national and regional policy responses vary.

To accomplish this, the study was completed through the following steps.

  1. There is a wealth of existing information on the formal innovation policy governance structures, actors, and legal settings as well as on the innovation policy objectives and priorities in different countries.  In addition to this material, the study put a special emphasis on some major changes that have taken place in the participating countries. The study started with a desk study phase to collect relevant information (September – October 2007). 
  1. To get new insight of the future anticipated challenges and of their possible implications to innovation policy, a survey and in-depth interviews were completed. The survey was designed to get views on innovation governance future challenges also beyond the participating countries and was opened also on  the VISION Era-Net web-page. In-depth interviews provided detailed information on selected changes that the participating countries have experienced (October – November 2007).
  1. The major part of the analysis of future governance challenges in each country was completed through a series of interactive workshops in each one of the participating countries. These workshops followed a common structure which enables drawing common conclusions in the final joint workshop.

The final report summarizing the major findings of the study was finalized in the spring 2008 (December 2007 – April 2008) can be downloaded here.

Country specific data and reviews are also published and available on the right column on this site.







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