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Culture — "Crossing Borders – Connecting Cultures" Calls for proposal

Culture programme

Networking aiming to promote the analysis, evaluation or impact assessment of cultural policies.

Groupings of various types of private or public stakeholders (such as cultural departments of national, regional or local authorities, cultural observatories or foundations, universities specialised in cultural affairs) which have direct and practical experience in the analysis, evaluation or impact assessment of cultural policies on one or more priorities linked to the European Agenda for culture as defined by the Council, namely:

- Improving the conditions for the mobility of artists and other professionals in the cultural field;

- Promoting access to culture, especially through the promotion of cultural heritage, cultural tourism, multilingualism, digitisation, synergies with education (in particular arts education) and greater mobility of collections;

- Developing data, statistics and methodologies in the cultural sector and improving their comparability;

- Maximising the potential of cultural and creative industries, in particular that of SMEs;

- Promoting and implementing the UNESCO Convention on the Protection and Promotion of the Diversity of Cultural Expressions.

Support can be given for such groupings to exchange and compare existing data and evaluation methodologies at national/local levels and produce new methodologies or data on the considered topic as well as to maximise the impact and have an EU wide reporting and dissemination of the results.

Groupings should gather members which are legally established in at least three eligible countries. Coordination and other eligible activities can be led and designed by one of the organisations which is a member of the grouping.

To know more, please read carefully the programme guide , in particular Part two, Chapter VI. 

To get the documents you have to fill in, please click here
Closing date for submission: 1 November 2008







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