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Saturday, 17. August 2019  

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How do sectoral patterns influence companies?

Tartu Science Park

This year's edition of the annual “Baltic Dynamics” international conference addressed economic slowdowns and new strategies for growth in the three Baltic States. A wide range of international speakers addressed the issues. Discussions were held on recent developments in the main technology driven markets of the world, on the current developments, challenges and constraints in the environment and energy sectors as well as in security and Internet, on the changing role of science and technology parks and European cooperation on innovation.

The Technopolis presentation by Alasdair Reid and Katrin Männik, head of Tallinn office, focused on the different innovation patterns and companies´ needs in 10 main business sectors in the European Union. Based on both in-depth analysis of data and trends in sectoral innovation systems and case studies of 66 leading innovative firms in Europe, the presentation argues that innovation policies need to be tailored to take account of sectoral barriers and drivers to innovation. The presentation is based on the study of the Sectoral Innovation Watch project funded by the Directorate-General for Enterprise of the European Commission; in which Technopolis Group was a core partner during the 2005-2008 first phase (for further information see

A copy of the presentation can be downloaded here.







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