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Monday, 19. August 2019  

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ACHIEVE: Guide to Incubation Excellence


As a result of ACHIEVE's close cooperation with incubator directors, managers and coaches the ACHIEVE partners have developed an expertise in supporting the development needs of business and technology incubators at different stages of maturity. Although every incubator in the ACHIEVE network is unique in size, purpose and process, they are all united in their ambition towards achieving incubation excellence.

In their search for excellence, ACHIEVE incubators are not looking for a roadmap, as each of their path's is going to be as unique as they are, but for a set of useful signposts, meaningful models and benchmarks which they can use and tailor according to their own specific circumstances, needs and ambitions.

This Guide offers four things to further help incubators with their development:
  • First - analysis of the key factors of success of incubation,
  • Second - analysis the key factors of success of coaching,
  • Third - four stage incubation model, a summary of better incubation practice of ACHIEVE incubators,
  • Fourth -a simple but meaningful profile of a leading edge incubation environment which can be used as an easy benchmark of incubation excellence.

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