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Tata to Develop Green Technologies at Qatar Science and Technology PArk


Science & Technology Park

Green-building software, solar power and nanotechnology on R&D list


Doha, 7 October 2008: TCE Consulting Engineers Limited, a subsidiary of Indian engineering giant Tata Group, will invest $12 million over the next five years at Qatar Science & Technology Park to develop engineering solutions for environmental challenges.

Initially the centre will focus on software that makes it faster and easier to design "green" buildings, and create a blueprint for a solar-thermal power station. TCE will also use its engineering expertise to find practical applications for novel nanotechnologies.

"Buildings account for 40 percent of energy consumption worldwide, so with the right technology we can make a real difference in this area" said Mr. A. P. Mull, CEO of TCE Consulting Engineers Limited.

"Meanwhile most leading universities around the world are developing nano-particles, which have the potential to bring immense benefit to society. We want to take the experimental work to the field in close cooperation with Qatar researchers and businesses" he added.

Opening at QSTP's new R&D facilities in late 2008, TCE QSTP-LLC will grow to around 14 staff, half of whom will be researchers.

Its first research projects will include:

- Creating software that assists the design of environmentally-friendly buildings. The tool will determine the optimal use of renewable energy sources, energy-efficient features and locally sourced materials to minimise a building's total energy "footprint".

- Studying and designing a solar-thermal power station, in which sunlight is concentrated and used to produce steam. TCE envisages building a pilot plant in Qatar to demonstrate and eventually scale-up the blueprint.

- Turning university nanotechnology research from around the world into practical engineering application products such as nano-fiber building materials, wastewater filters, and cladding windows with ultra-thin solar cells.







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