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Creativity and Entrepreneurship: Imperatives for sustainable Global based Knowledge Economy

8th International Entrepreneurship Forum (IEF)

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Conference Theme - Creativity and Entrepreneurship: Imperatives for sustainable Global based Knowledge Economy

The 8th IEF conference will be organised by the Mudra Institute of Communications, Ahmedabad, India,and Essex Business School, University of Essex, UK, in collaboration with the OECD and itsLEED Programme at Paris, France.

The conference theme covers a myriad of issues that are preoccupying the minds of entrepreneurs, policy makers, and researchers for sometime, all round the world. The multiple manifestations of creativity in the development of new products, the generation of new services, better forms of communication, the development of networks, and the innovative use of technologies, allow for the unexpected confluence of ideas, resources, and different types of business activities.


Notification of abstracts accepted for the conference will be made with 10 working days from the receipt of the abstracts. Full papers must be submitted no later than 7 November 2008.

All full papers (respect the deadlines for both abstracts and full papers) will be considered for two best paper prizes (one for scholarship and academic rigour and the other for originality, creativity and innovation in its contribution to policy making or practice).�Any later submissions, or no registrations (of at least one author) by 31 October 2008 will automatically be excluded from selection for any one of the two awards.







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