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Sunday, 25. August 2019  

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Session on Culture and Audiovisual media , 20-21/11/2008, Paris

Logo of the French Presidency of the Council of the European Union -

Christine Albanel, the French Minister for Culture and Communication, chaired today's Council of the ministers for culture and audiovisual matters of the European Union, which saw the adoption of several important texts negotiated by the French Presidency in recent months.

In the session on culture, the culture ministers adopted the proposed European heritage label, the aim of which is to reinforce Europeans' sense of sharing a common European heritage.

The ministers then emphasised the cultural dimension of multilingualism, following the Conference on Multilingualism held on 26 September last in Paris. They expressed the desire that Member States be asked - with the support of the Commission - to coordinate and reinforce their actions to promote translation, the surtitling of live performances and the subtitling of audiovisual works and films.

Next the ministers adopted conclusions on the promotion of intercultural dialogue and cultural and linguistic diversity in the external relations of the European Union, with a view to reinforcing the role of culture in relations with non-EU countries and the international dissemination of European cultural and audiovisual goods and services.

The EU ministers also adopted conclusions on the contribution of architecture to sustainable development, in developing an approach going beyond technical standards in terms of overall, economic, social, cultural and environmental objectives.

The session on audiovisual matters saw the ministers reach an agreement on supporting and ensuring the durability and development of the proposed European digital library. This library, launched today at the end of the Council, will make over two million documents (books, archives, collections from European museums) accessible to all.

Lastly, the ministers unanimously approved draft conclusions on developing the range of cultural and creative content legally available online and preventing and combating piracy in the digital environment. The 27 Member States also recalled that the right balance must be struck between the protection of personal data, the freedom of expression, and the protection of intellectual property.

The Youth Session

At the youth session of the EYC Council, chaired by Bernard Laporte, the French Minister of State for Sport, Youth and the Voluntary Sector, the 27 ministers adopted two important texts in the field of youth.

- A resolution on the health and well-being of young people: This resolution advocates giving specific and transverse consideration to young people in public health policies and to health issues in youth policies. It emphasises the need for young people to be actively involved in matters concerning their health.







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