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Saturday, 17. August 2019  

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Kauffman Thoughtbook 2009


The Kauffman Thoughtbook is the flagship communication piece for the Kauffman Foundation. The Thoughtbook's unconventional approach reflects the imagination and accomplishments of the Kauffman approach to think differently and turn creative insights into practical, sustainable solutions.

Selections from the Kauffman Thoughtbook 2009

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Our Role in the Evolution of Capitalism
Carl J. Schramm, Ph.D.

Ewing Kauffman's Spirit of Entrepreneurship

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Learning vs. Education
Dennis W. Cheek, Ph.D.

Want to Truly Scale a Learning Program? Try Gaming.
Merrilea Mayo, Ph.D.

Helping Local School Boards Understand the Importance of METS Education
Joseph S. Villani, Ph.D. and Peyton M. West, Ph.D.

Students Explore Real Earth Virtually
An Interview with Caroline Davies, Ph.D., Iris Totten, Ph.D., and Donna Russell, Ph.D.

A World of Difference for Kansas City Students

Discovering the Possibilities in Technology and Engineering
An Essay in Photos

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A New Model to Catalyze a Movement of High-Growth Entrepreneurs
Bo Fishback

Beyond Licensing and Incubators
Lesa Mitchell

How a Dose of Reality Can Make Science More Visionary
E.A. Fitzgerald, Ph.D.

Accelerating Early-Stage Innovations for Market
An Interview with Soren Jonas Bruun and Hanson Gifford

Advancing Innovation Along the Long Tail
Laura Dorival Paglione

Open Innovation
John Wilbanks

A Cure for the Drug Discovery Gap
Frank L. Douglas, Ph.D., M.D.

Innovation: Catalyst or Consequence of Fast Growth?
Michael Levin

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From Chasing Smokestacks to Embracing Entrepreneurship
Ed Glaeser, Ph.D.

Law and Economics, 2.0
Robert E. Litan, Ph.D.

Crossing the Divide: Entrepreneurial Law
Thomas Morsch, J.D.

Entrepreneurship in American Higher Education
William Scott Green, Ph.D.

The Entrepreneurial Landscape
A Roundtable Interview with Tom Alberg, J.D., Bill Ford, and Jeremy Levine
Moderated by Harold Bradley

All Human Beings are Entrepreneurs
Muhammad Yunus, Ph.D.

On Innovation and Global Integration
Samuel J. Palmisano

Aiding the Drivers of Economic Growth
Carlos M. Gutierrez

Where Goodness Lies
Judith Cone

Breaking Out of the Prison Cycle
Catherine Rohr

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Building Enterprising Cultures Worldwide
Gordon Brown

Global Entrepreneurship Week
Jonathan Ortmans

An Idea Can Start at Any Age
Fraser Doherty

Unleash Ideas, Unlock Passion
Yan Junqi

Sparking American Enterprise in Global Entrepreneurs
Wendy E.F. Torrance, Ph.D.

A Smaller World and a Bigger Idea
An Interview with Michelle Esteves

The New Order of the "Born Global"
Ted D. Zoller, Ph.D.

Foreign-Born Entrepreneurs
Vivek Wadhwa

Crossing Boundaries—Building Bridges
Thom Ruhe

Building Interest in Entrepreneurship and Innovation Among European Foundations
Karen Wilson

The State of Entrepreneurship in Europe—An Investor's View
An Interview with Sir Ronald Cohen







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