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Saturday, 17. August 2019  

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Creative Clusters in Low Density Urban Areas


Creative clusters as a driver for diversifying local economic base and  creating opportunities for young people. Transferring the ultimate trend in local development to low-density urban areas.


The starting assumption of the project is that creativity can act as a driving force for economic development of small urban centres and not only of big cities. Thus, the main value-added that the work of the Creative Clusters network can produce is to transfer the “creative city model” (too much focused on big and middle-sized metropolis) to low density urban areas. In other words, to transfer a range of so far considered urban attributes (accessibility, cultural life, technological facilities, competitive clusters, global networking, etc.) to middle-sized and small towns.


This is relevant at European Union level because the project is going to explore the capacity of the creative issue to impulse a sort of leapfrog in terms of social and economic development for small and midsize towns as well as an excellent opportunity to re-think rural development.


The objective of this URBACT network is to promote the exchange of experiences and best practices and the proposal of policy recommendations and action plans related to creative clusters in low density urban areas. It is also an intention of the partners to assist policy-makers and managers of Operational Programmes to define initiatives in this field, which may be selected for Structural Funds programmes.


Under the theme creative clusters/cities, the main issues addressed are:

  • creative clusters: diversifying local economic base and opportunities for young people;
  • creative entrepreneurs and talented people: attraction and retaining;
  • promoting the creative city: a new range of facilities and infrastructures;
  • events and cultural agendas as catalysts;
  • setting the basis: creative education environments at local levels. 
Lead Partner

Municipality of Óbidos (PT)

  • Reggio Emilia - IT
  • Mizil - RO
  • Enguera - ES
  • Catanzaro - IT
  • Barnsley - UK
  • Hódmezővásárhely - HUN
  • Viareggio - IT








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