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Access Americas

Access Americas - Advice, Strategy and Know-How on Doing Business in the


Access Americas is an information suite that provides Advice, Strategy and Know-how on Doing Business in the Americas in the most compliant, effective and successful way possible.  Success in export markets is crucial to the long-term growth of Irish business and the Irish economy.  Support for companies that are focused on rapid growth is a corporate priority for Enterprise Ireland.  Through our network of offices worldwide, Enterprise Ireland works in partnership with Irish industry to develop its business internationally.

The Access Americas Guides provide information that is relevant to all companies, regardless of industry background, stage of development or market focus.  It is broken out into a series of easy-to-read Guides that address the key areas you need to consider from the outset, when doing business in these powerful markets.  Each individual Guide has been written by professionals in their field who have provided advice and insight in a concise and practical way.

Adobe PDF document

Brazil - How to do business in Brazil (published 2008; pdf format; size 141 KB)

Adobe PDF document Canada - How to do business in Canada (published 2008; pdf format; size 119 KB)
Adobe PDF document Mexico - How to do business in Mexico (published 2008; pdf format; size 108 KB)
Adobe PDF document Crossing the Border: Key Legal Considerations in Acquiring a U.S.-based Company (published 2008; pdf format; size 190 KB)
Adobe PDF document Suit Up for Success : Business Etiquette for the U.S. (published 2008; pdf format; size 160 KB)
Adobe PDF document Essentials of Intellectual Property Law in the U.S. (published 2008; pdf format; size 181 KB)
Adobe PDF document Marketing and Business Development in the U.S. (published 2008; pdf format; size 189 KB)
Adobe PDF document The Power of Public Relations - Developing Awareness and Establishing Credibility for Your Business in the U.S. (published 2008; pdf format; size 215 KB)
Adobe PDF document

Recruiting in the U.S. (published 2008; pdf format; size 136 KB)

Adobe PDF document Tax & Financial Considerations on Doing Business in the U.S. (published 2008; pdf format; size 245 KB)
Adobe PDF document Visa Considerations on Doing Business in hte U.S. (published 2008; pdf format; size 204 KB)







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