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Sunday, 18. August 2019  

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Saint-Petersburg - the meeting point for Creative Industries


Creativity and innovations, best practices and international youth projects in creative tourism are in focus of the international conference "Creative Industries Meeting Point: Creative Industries, Youth Entrepreneurship and Tourism as Development Factors for the Baltic Sea Region and the Barents Region" arranged by the Information office of the Nordic Council of Ministers in St. Petersburg.

The event will be focusing on creativity and competitiveness of the Baltic Sea Region and the Barents region in a Globalised economy.

The striking feature of the conference is its geographical representations. Six North-West Russian regions, federal authorities from Moscow, all five Nordic countries, three Baltic states as well as international organisations are heading to the event.

It makes the conference a unique multilateral meeting place for enhancing the cooperation in the Baltic Sea region and the Barents region on creative youth initiatives.

During the conference participants will learn about youth policies and regional approaches of St. Petersburg, the Republic of Karelia, Arkhangelsk, Kaliningrad, Leningrad and Murmansk regions.

The topics are, among others: creative approaches in education and cultural cooperation in Finland; entrepreneurship and creativity in Denmark; and multicultural projects of the Nordic House in Reykjavik.

The Ambassador of Iceland to Russia will also present the Nordic Road Map - the programme of the Icelandic Presidency in the Nordic Council of Ministers 2009.

The conference takes place on 26-27 February in Pushkin and is arranged as the event summarising results and recommendations of the previous topic-related events under the Swedish Presidency of the Nordic Council of Ministers in 2008 and held last year in Murmansk (October 2008), Petrozavodsk (November 2008) and Arkhangelsk (December 2008).







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