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A Creative Economy Green Paper

Leaflet: Six Creative Industries projects - Creating New Markets

Creating New Markets - Six ongoing projects

The Nordic Innovation Centre (NICe) currently has six Nordic-Baltic projects running within the thematic area Creative Industries.

The projects develop both policy recommendations and strategies for implementation at national and regional levels as well as user-friendly concrete actions on how to professionalize the Creative Industries.

Open consultation on a Creative Industries Green Paper for the Nordic Region
The Nordic Innovation Centre invites Creative Industries stakeholders (from industry and business, networks, research institutes and national and regional agencies) to contribute to and express their views on the development of a Creative Industries Green Paper for the Nordic Region. Please, find the questions for the online consultation below! The consultation will be available until August 1, 2007.
Norden - A creative powerhouse (Synthesis of projects finished 2005-2006)

Norden - A creative powerhouse
Culture plays an increasingly important role in the knowledge economy. The creative industries provide potential for economic growth and prosperity. It is a growing sector that continues to provide more jobs, and adds increasing value to products and services within the Nordic region. This potential is not yet sufficiently recognised.
We need to connect creative industries with other sectors in the economy in order to help creative entrepreneurs turn innovative ideas into profitable business. Culture as a domain for expression, reflection and exchange is becoming the key context from which social and economic developments obtain their value. What is called for is a new agenda, which recognises the interplay between culture, innovation and the public domain in the knowledge economy.







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