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Saturday, 17. August 2019  

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Creative industries - leading recovery in the Nordic-Baltic region?

Tom Fleming took part in the conference on creative industries in the Nordic-Baltic region (Photo: )


Creative industries may well be able to act as the gateway to economic recovery on both sides of the Baltic Sea, if it is possible to re-define the concept of economic growth.


"Up until now work with the creative industries in the Nordic countries and the rest of Europe has built on economic growth.

In today’s situation there is therefore every reason to adapt the concept to the prevailing market situation. If this is done then the creative economy can take the lead in recovering from the recession", said Tom Fleming, British researcher and consultant, author of the Nordic Innovation Center’s (NICe) Creative Industries Green Paper for the Nordic region.

Fleming was one of the speakers at a major conference on creative industries on both sides of the Baltic Sea in Tallinn, Estonia from 17-18 March.

The conference acted as a meeting place and matchmaking event for the newly established Baltic network for creative industries and the Nordic Council of Ministers’ globalisation initiative KreaNord.

The Baltic States are looking for closer co-operation with the Nordic countries in the creative industries.

"On the other side of the Baltic Sea they are slowly but surely beginning to see that it pays to work together. The attitude has long been one of trying to conceal as much of their own business activities as possible from others - they are still considered as competitors. The idea of partnership leading to results is, however, beginning to win ground", stressed Ragnar Siil, responsible for the creative industries at the Estonian Ministry of Culture and primus motor for the Baltic network.

Estonian Minister of Culture, Laine Jänes, said that the Ministry of Culture, with her own strong support, has for several years advocated the establishment of the creative industries approach.

According to Jänes these activities were met with great scepticism initially but today commercial partnership has taken off resulting in several new economic incubators.

Several hundred participants from all over the Nordic countries, Estonia, Latvia and Lithuania, and Russia took part in the conference in Tallinn.

The event was arranged by the Nordic Council of Ministers Office in Estonia and the Estonian Ministry of Culture.







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