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Monday, 19. August 2019  

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The new Knowledge Intensive Business Services report





  • Regions with strong KIBS sectors exhibit the highest prosperity levels in Europe.
  •  The presence of a strong KIBS sector positively affects regional innovation performance (patenting)
  •  KIBS sectors are predominantly urban activities; however, some metropolitan cities in Europe perform better than others.
  •  Among the regions of Europe the following ten regions have a KIBS sector larger than expected: Zürich, Stockholm, Oxford, Inner London, Brighton, Frankfurt am Main, Berlin,
    München, Stuttgart and Athens.

  • Among the 25 largest regions in Europe the following have a KIBS sector smaller than expected: Katowice, Palermo, Bari, Naples, Marseille, Valencia, Antwerpen, Sevilla and Venice.
  • As a share of regional labour market employment, KIBS accounts for the largest shares in Brussels (16.0%), Inner London (15.2%) and Zürich (14.6%).
  • Most growing KIBS regions are small. However, Ireland is a region with a large KIBS  sector which is also growing rapidly.
  • The largest growth in KIBS employment is found in Austria (Graz, Bregenz, Salzburg,  Innsbruck), Estonia, Lithuania and Northern Spain/Southern France.
  •  Some leading innovation regions in Europe, such as Stockholm, Praha and Frankfurt am Main, are experiencing shrinking KIBS employment.

    You can download the report from the European Cluster Observatory website:






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