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Tuesday, 20. August 2019  

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ASSET project proposal, FP7/ICT

Budapest, 22 January 2009


The Incubator for Creative Industries was invited to participate in the advisory board of the ASSET project proposal in the Fourth Call  of FP7:ICT

ASSET will produce a suite of tools for societal simulations exploring the outcomes and impacts of policy implementation. Uniquely it will utilise both Living Labs and social networking as environments within which to operate its tools, whilst social networking is implicated both as a tool for development and as a subject for analysis.  

Added value will be provided by the diversity of ‘world-views’ of the participants reached within the Living Labs and social networking constituencies. These diverse views will confront, and be confronted by, the possibility of different scenario outcomes from the same policy implementation. Very large audiences will be accessible, adding further robustness to the policy assessment process. 

The initial set of ASSET tools will be assembled from existing: planning tools; cross-impact analysis tools; social network tools and ‘serious’ gaming. This ‘state-of-art’ set will undergo two phases of development during the project, each being test operated on a set of ‘use cases’ using the methodology and networks of Living Labs. 

Living Labs will thus provide one environment within which to operate the ASSET tool kit. Another will be provided by existing social networking systems, which will then also become a topic for RTD in that analytical tools will be added to the ASSET tool kit to illuminate and analyse activity with the network operation, while mentoring will modify activity within the network links. 

The ASSET team members each have wide experience in the tools, Living Labs, social networks or policy assessment areas; and in ICT-RTD. Core partners have collaborated successfully in previous projects. 

The ASSET project outcomes will be an integrated set of tools and use environments accessing enhanced societal diversity, and thus offering substantial beneficial impacts through the improved inclusiveness and effectiveness of the policy assessment process.







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