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Saturday, 17. August 2019  

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Forum: the CoR recognises creative regions and towns





In January 2009, European regions and cities were invited to present projects and experiences in supporting creativity and innovation at local level. A total of 80 proposals from16 countries were recived, most of which from Spain (17), followed by Germany  and Italy (10 both), Belgium (9), France (7) and the United-Kingdom (6).While most of them will presented in a brochure during the event, these seven wil be more actively involved:

Castilla-La Mancha, Spain: Social housing project - "Barrio Avanzado' Advanced District of Toledo"
To be presented by: Julián Sánchez Pingarrón, Regional Minister of Urban Development of Castilla-La Mancha, accompanied by Mia Hägg, arcitect (tbc)

North Rhine-Westphalia, Germany:  "City of Creativity"
To be presented by: Prof. Dieter Gorny, Artistic Director of the 'City of Creativity' of the 'Ruhr 2010' European Capital of Culture, Essen

Västra-Götaland, Sweden: "Community Art Lab – creative processes as an asset for regional development"
To be presented by: Lotta Lekvall, Director of the Swedish organisation Nätverkstan and Vice-President of the European Network ENCACT, both providing training for projects in the field of culture, accompanied by Jörgen Svensson, artist

Pays de la Loire, France: Regional support for design and arts
To be presented by: Dominique Roynette, Communication Director of the Regional Council of Pays de Loire presenting "Design'in Pays de la Loire"

South West of England, United Kingdom, and multiregional: RAPIDE Network of European regions on innovation
To be presented by: Juliet Williams, Chair of the South West of England Regional Development Agency, United

Brno, Czech Republic: Ideas laboratory for creative class
To be presented by: Vlastimil Vesely, CEO at the FIRST Innovation Park

Baden-Württemberg, Germany, and multi-regional: Creative industries and regional innovation strategy and European networking ('CREATE' project )
To be presented by: Dr Birgit Buschmann, Director of the Ministry of Economics, Klaus Haasis, CEO of MFG-Innovation, Baden-Württemberg


Between January and mid February 2009, young tatented people from all over Europe were invited to apply for participation in the event. They had to

  • be between 18 and 30 years of age;
  • present a professional profile in the field of arts, science, media, urban development or social innovation;
  • be professionally engaged in the local context.

The members of the Committee of the Regions were invited to nominate up to three candidates.

By the end the deadline, a total of 267 talents' applications were recived from 27 countries, most of them from Germany (34), Spain (29), Hungary (17) and Poland (15). They were assesed by their quality, achievements in the field of expertise and their creative potential, the contribution made to the development of the local economy; and the support of a member of the Committee of the Regions. Finally, 100 young European talents from 24 countries will participate in the Forum.

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