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Tuesday, 20. August 2019  

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New Nordic Food restaurant voted third best in world

Rene Redzepi, on left (Photo: Svetlana Kolbaneva/

Nordic cuisine is doing very well in global gastronomic competition. For example, the Michelin restaurant Noma in Copenhagen has been selected as the world’s third best restaurant in the recent list of the world’s top 50 restaurants.


Last year Noma was ranked tenth in the UK’s Restaurant Magazine’s list of the world's best restaurants.

"I am absolutely speechless. I had tipped myself an 18th place", said Rene Redzepi, partner and head chef of Noma to Berlingske Tidende.

Rene Redzepi, who is a food ambassador for the Nordic Council of Ministers' New Nordic Food programme, also took this year's Chef's Choice Award, when the head chefs of the 50 restaurants were asked to nominate the best chef from the list.

Spanish El Bulli held onto the list’s number one spot and the British The Fat Duck retained second place. Other Nordic restaurants on the list are Finnish Chez Dominique (21) and Swedish Oaxen Skärgårdskrog (32) and Mathias Dahlgren (50).

Rene Redzepi has actively promoted the Nordic cuisine, both in Noma (abbreviation of ‘Nordic Mad’ - Nordic Food) and as an ambassador for New Nordic Food.

The programme, launched by the Nordic Council of Ministers in 2006, promotes Nordic food culture and gastronomy, as well as design and tourism linked to food. The Nordic governments want to put the Nordic Region on the gastronomic world map through this programme.


Projects Nordic Food:


   Arktisk smaksverksted og torg (NNM)
   Bilberry - Towards functional food markets (NICe)
   Den nordiska maten i nordiska media (NNM)
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   ID-NORFOOD - Platform for Nordic identity of regional foods (NICe)
   Kød, mælk og ost fra gamle nordiske husdyrracer (NNM)
   Logistik och återförsäljarnätverk (NNM)
   Marketing and Business Development Network for Nordic food and tourism ind... (NNM)
   MmmmmSeafood (NICe)
   New nordic food for youth - focusing on lifeskills, health and food identi... (NNM)
   NNM - Forum for Nordisk domisticerede kornsorter til det nordiske køkken (NNM)
   NOMA FoodLab (NNM)
   Nordic Malt House (NICe)
   Nordisk Gastronomisk Innovation Camp, NGI-camp (NNM)
   Nordisk Gastronomisk Innovations Camp, del 2. (NNM)
   Nordisk mat og matkultur (NNM)
   Nordisk Menyspråk (NNM)
   Nordisk Mesterskap for Hobbykokker (NNM)
   Nordiska Köksmästares Kongress (NNM)
   Nordiska Måltidsberättelser (NNM)







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