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Monday, 19. August 2019  

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Are you ready for digital company 2013?

Publication: How consumer conversation will transform business

Five years from now, how will companies use technology to compete and succeed?

To find out, the Economist Intelligence Unit, with sponsorship from PwC, surveyed over 600 senior executives worldwide, and conducted several in-depth interviews with business leaders and independent technology experts. The findings are analysed in depth in two white papers. We are pleased to offer them to you and we are ready to help you translate these insights into actionable strategy.

Report #1: The digital company 2013: How technology will empower the customer

The first paper in this two-part study explores the changes to come in how companies interact with their customers and how they innovate.

Key findings
  • Customer empowerment will overwhelm all other sources of innovation
  • Web-based customer communities will play an ever-increasing role in gathering innovative ideas for products and services, and will also assist in providing product support
  • The biggest fear—ensuring trust and security of communities and networks—will remain paramount
  • Technology will give wings to customisation
  • Companies will need the ability to interact with customers more broadly over mobile channels

Your action plan
  • Your business must embrace change and have the agility to react quickly to it
  • Your R&D and innovative functions need to deploy Web-based communities to marshal the creativity and insight of customers
  • Your business needs to adapt its controls to the more open environment, keeping track of where and how intellectual property and customer data is used
  • Your IT functions must leverage multiple methods of customer communication, especially increasingly sophisticated mobile interaction

Download pdf
Download How technology will empower the customer (242kb)

Report #2: The digital company 2013: Freedom to collaborate

The second paper addresses the implications these changes will have on the workforce and work practices, and how IT is delivered in the enterprise.
Key findings
  • The 2013 workforce will be fully at ease with most applications and devices—or able to master them quickly
  • Social networks will be a fixture in the 2013 workplace, despite executives' ambivalence on their role
  • Companies will generate vast new stores of information through the use of digital collaboration tools
  • Organisations will become flatter and less hierarchical as digital tools provide individual employees greater access to information without manager control
  • CIOs become strategic-thinking business partners as they are pressured to ensure security and performance in this environment

Your action plan
  • Develop strategies to handle increased interaction with customers and third parties—and use the knowledge gained to benefit the business
  • Adopt collaborative technologies to help cut through geographical and organisational barriers, and give wings to virtual team-working
  • Develop ways to effectively channel the vast new stores of information gained through digital collaboration tools
  • Build a less centralised and more strategic IT department as responsibilities are outsourced or shared with business units

Download pdf
Download Freedom to collaborate (639kb)







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