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Saturday, 17. August 2019  

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Networks for the competitiveness and sustainability of European tourism


Project: ONEST - Open Network for European Sustainable Tourism  

Overall objective: To promote the sustainable tourism in Europe through an offer made by small and micro enterprises, with the support of structures, methodologies and tools which enable them to be competitive; in an environment favourable to the sustainable tourism; with the prior, concurrent and subsequent constant survey of the demand.   

The specific objectives then are:

  1. To select small and micro touristic enterprises operating according to rules and practices of a tourism respectful of the environment and to lead and support them to improve the quality of their services directed to a market segment which appreciates the sustainable tourism. Selection and improvement will use:
  • Model of evaluation of sustainability
  • Guidance for reaching an eco-label certificate (eventual)
  1. To help those enterprises to be competitive in the international market
  • The international tourism is dominated by large and middle integrated chains which haven’t got a specific offer for the promising and increasing segment of the sustainable tourism
  • The micro and small touristic enterprises operate at the edges of the touristic flux and are not able to produce an organized international offer for a sustainable tourism, which could be appreciated by the market.
  • This project aims to help these enterprises to operate through actions directed to:  
    - create integrated national networks involving entities covering the whole touristic supply chain (tour operators, travel agencies, transportation and hire-a-car companies, accommodations enterprises, bars and restaurants, able to produce integrated packages); 
    - connect them with networks in other countries;  
    - find a marketing service provider able to promote, book and sell their services;  
    - supply them with tools and practices of communication, learning, demand surveying; .
  • The activities are directed to trigger a virtuous loop where: the touristic enterprises embrace the sustainability behaviour and join a network -> the network through a provider promotes packages of sustainability tourism -> more revenues and income encourage the enterprises to slope-up in the scale of good environmental behaviours -> …  
  1. To promote the creation of a favourable environment where public institutions and private entities can contribute to enhance and expand the culture of a sustainable tourism in order both to educate the consumers and to reinforce the spirit of the operating enterprises themselves which must not feel isolated in this socially positive effort







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