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Call for expressions of interest - Hosting the seminar "Towards world-class creative industries clusters in Europe: Economic importance, drivers and policy support measures for the emergence and strengthening"

Call for expressions of interest

Hosting the seminar: “Towards world-class creative industries clusters in Europe: Economic importance, drivers and policy support measures for their emergence and strengthening”

The seminar entitled “Towards world-class creative industries clusters in Europe” is planned as a 1,5 day event and has the objective to bring together relevant experts, cluster organisations, national and regional authorities and innovation agencies responsible for creative industries and/or cluster policy design to discuss how to support the emergence of world-class creative industries clusters in Europe.

The seminar will present different approaches to define and measure creative industries and creative industries clusters and discuss their importance for growth and innovation; it will furthermore identify key drivers for the emergence of favourable eco-systems for creative industries, such as enabling competences, skills, technologies and the interplay between different innovation actors and institutions in this field. Based on this analysis, policy recommendations will be discussed.

This call for expression of interest is launched to find a partner (a public or private organisation), who is willing and committed to host this seminar. The host would be expected to provide the venue for the event in an easily accessible city or region, respectively to provide technical equipments as well as cover catering costs of coffee breaks, lunches and the official dinner and, if required, the local transfers between venues. The venue should be able to accommodate approximately 75 people for plenary meetings, and adjacent smaller rooms for groupings of 25 people. The host is also expected to recommend conveniently located hotel(s) nearby, with good transport options from the airport/main transport hub. The host organisation would be allowed to seek sponsorship for the conference programme and other marketing material.

The event is expected to bring together some 75 participants from national, regional, local authorities, universities, cluster organisations, think-tanks and other entities with an interest and stake in creative industries and cluster policy. The event is planned to consist of three sessions. The planned date is the end of January 2009 or the beginning of February 2010.

DG Enterprise and Industry (Unit D2: Innovation Support) will assume the main responsibility for defining the seminar programme as well as for selecting and inviting the participants of the event. The host will mobilise local participants and make suggestions to combine the seminar with a social event.

This event will be a good opportunity for the host organisation to expand its network and contacts, and also to promote its visibility with regards to creative industries and cluster policies. Should your organisation be interested in hosting this event, please respond to this call before the 23rd of October 2009.

For more information, and to submit your expression of interest, please contact: or







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