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Beyond the crisis: design for a sustainable future

Logo: European Year of Creativity and Innovation 2009

As part of the European Year of Creativity and Innovation, the European Commission is organising a flagship conference "Beyond the crisis: Design for a sustainable future" on 23-24 November at the Management Centre Europe : Rue de l'Aqueduc 118, Brussels

This conference is planned as one of the major events of the European Year of Creativity and Innovation 2009. 

The broad policy context is set by the current strategic reflection on the way forward from the current economic crisis (the post-2010 "Lisbon agenda"), which takes place against a background of heightened concern for sustainability.  The more specific operational context is the new strategic framework for European cooperation in education and training and the follow-up to the public consultation which the Commission recently held on design as a driver of user-centred innovation.

Conference objectives

  • ء To develop an understanding of design thinking as a multi-dimensional and multi-disciplinary process that bridges creativity and innovation, culture and the economy.
  • ء To identify how Europe's sustainable competitiveness can be strengthened by developing both design skills and awareness of the importance of design thinking for successful innovation.

Conference sessions

Keynote/introduction: Design at the interface between culture and the economy  


  • ء Culture, aesthetics and functionality in design
  • ء Design thinking as a strategic tool for innovation
  • ء From research to the market: the role of design in bringing ideas to market
  • ء Design for sustainability

Theme: Organisations, processes and services


  • ء Using design thinking to improve organisations, processes and services
  • ء Promoting greater user and employee involvement in the innovation process

Theme: Design and culture as critical competitiveness factors


  • ء High-creativity sectors
  • ء Creativity in mature sectors

Theme: Design thinking for better living environments


  • ء Design for all: improving accessibility
  • ء Creating attractive and functional living and working environments
  • ء Designing high-quality public services for changing needs

Theme: Design thinking in education, training and research


  • ء New skills for new jobs - understanding of design as a competence for more innovative industries and services
  • ء Applying design thinking to lifelong learning and culture policies
  • ء Integrating design and creativity into the knowledge triangle







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