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Monday, 19. August 2019  

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ImMediaTe kicks off with focus on digital media and creative industries

European Commission - CIP - Competitiveness & Innovation Framework Programme
The ImMediaTe Project Consortium formally met for the first time at Heraklion in Crete on September 21-23 for the project kick-off. 
The project is coordinated by Filas and includes other nine partners from EU countries, including five clusters.
Project ImMediaTe (Improving the Value of Digital Media and Creative Industries through Innovative Business Models and Services) aims to consolidate the digital media and creative industries sector and catalyse its growth and continued development. 

This is especially significant in the wake of the financial crisis that has devastated many of the traditional investment sectors. The digital media and creative industries sector is currently estimated at €300 billion and is set to expand exponentially as Europe’s digital natives begin their professional lives and promote a greater convergence of technology and content platforms.

Following a welcome introduction by Michela Michilli, ImMediaTe Project Coordinator, the meeting allowed all the partners to present their organisations with a special focus on their activities in the audiovisuals and media sector. 
Over the course of the following two days, partners discussed project activities, objectives, procedures and requirements.
The next meeting of the ImMediaTe consortium will be held on December 17-18, 2009.

The ImMediaTe Consortium includes Filas, the project coordinator and the following partners: Media Deals (Paris, France) - 22@barcelona (Barcelona, Spain) - Cap Digital (Paris, France) - Fondazzjoni Temi Zammit (Malta) - IIP Create (Utrecht, the Netherlands) - INNOVA (Rome, Italy) - Institute of Electronic Business (Berlin, Germany) - Living Labs (Copenhagen, Denmark) - Media Business School (Madrid, Spain).
Michela Michilli, Filas 
Andrea Romagnoli,  Filas
Carlo Donzella, Filas 
Edoardo Oliveira, Cap Digital 
Jonatan Bartoli,  Cap Digital 
Jose Garasino,  Media Business School 
Jacob Rasmussen, Living Labs Global
Geleyn Meijer, IIP Create 
Gohar Sargsyan, IIP Create 
Rebeca Lucas, Innova
Thierry Baujard, Media Deals
Marc Lauriac, Media Deals 
Ximena Jessen, Peaceful fish
Raul Sanchez, 22@Barcelona 
Jesmond Xuereb, FTZ







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