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Sunday, 18. August 2019  

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Virtual Reality & Multimedia Park


The Virtual Reality and Multi Media Park is a high tech facility located on the site of the former FERT film studios. It exists owing to the will and support of local and regional institutions (University and Politecnico of Torino) and authorities in addition to the consistent financial aid from the European Union.

The Park's aim is to promote research and development of innovative applications – especially in virtual reality and new technologies – for the development of the audiovisual and multimedia sectors.

The Park is indeed a container for new technologies and projects. It works both, as an incubator, and a development lab, where the market's feasibility of applications and prototypes, based on state of the art technology, are tested and evaluated.

The objectives of the structure, equipped of high tech technologies for audiovisual production and post production, are essentially the promotion and the development of the technological, cultural and economic contents of the multimedia with particular reference to the use of virtual reality. A particular attention is turned to the increase of productive and entrepreneurial activities.

The Park is therefore a container for technologies, projects and professionality and works on one hand like observatory, on the other like laboratory of development for project and prototypes. In the laboratories all the applications are tested.
The Park develops synergic collaboration with other research centers, institutions, universities and ventures with the objective to create a real technological district in Piedmont.

Its state of the art facilities are readily accessible, and to all intents and purposes, the Park has become a catalyst for hi-tech growth in Piedmont.
The Park activities concentrate mainly in four different areas: New Media, Virtual Reality, Asa Lab (Art and Science Allies Lab) and Advanced Training.

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