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Sunday, 18. August 2019  

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The Next Big Thing? Trends Shaping Nordic Innovation

This book has been prepared on initiative by the Icelandic Chairmanship of the Nordic Council of Ministers in cooperation with Nordic Innovation Center. The intention of the book is to point out future trends that are likely to shape the discussion on innovation, and to exert an influence on the Nordic countries' innovation policies and priorities.

The book argues that innovation needs to measured and managed. Innovation needs to be developed as a serious management discipline in order to deliver on the future expectations of investors whether these investors are from private companies or public government agencies. The publication also argues that there is a need to emphasise that research is not the same as innovation, and that we need to distinguish between science and the 'scientific method' in order to develop better innovation policies and innovation management techniques. In the final focus chapter on climate change the book states that the Nordic region has a strong position within some of the new energy and environment industries. Yet, in order to keep that position and to stay in the global vanguard of clean technologies and climate industries, it might be necessary for the Nordic countries to experiment with what the authors call ‘forced innovation’.

The book is written for people interested in issues of innovation, economic development, globalisation and climate change, and how these issues impact on companies and industry, as well as on Nordic cooperation and the European Union. Thematically the chapters undertake the concepts of:
  • The Transition to a Sustainable Economy
  • New and Emerging Models of Globalisation
  • The Value Chain as the Innovation System
  • The Role of Organisation and Management
  • Measuring and Managing Innovation
  • The Confusion between Research and Innovation
  • Leveraging Global Innovation Hot-spots
If you wish to buy this book or dowload it for free, please go to the Nordic Council of Ministers' web site.







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