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Sunday, 18. August 2019  

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Demand for smart metering expertise in Europe


Globally operating Landis+Gyr ,specialist in energy management, has concentrated its European competence in smart metering systems at its Jyväskylä technology centre. European legislation is spurring demand for remote measuring of electricity consumption.

“System development, testing and product management of remote metering for Europe is handled from Jyväskylä. We have about 150 experts in this sector, who develop customised energy management solutions for utilities. Meter production is concentrated at our factories elsewhere in Europe, such as UK and Switzerland,” says Kati Pesola, marketing manager at Landis+Gyr.

“There have been great steps forward in smart metering over the past few years. In many countries the driving force has been local legislation, imposing deadlines for a changeover to smart metering. In Finland 80 percent of consumers will be covered by smart metering by 2014.”

Keeping consumers informed

With a smart meter it is possible to collect information of energy consumption even hour by hour. Today, the information remains generally within the utility. Landis+Gyr is developing systems so that also consumers can follow their own power consumption at different times of the day, either from a web browser or via an ecoMeter sited, for example, in the kitchen.

“Consumers are interested in more than consumed kilowatts; they want to know costs and carbon dioxide emissions caused. Via an ecoMeter, a power company could also send messages about things like upcoming interruptions for maintenance or peaks in power use.”

“Our system development has been involved in Tekes programmes – at that time we were still under the name Enermet. These programmes have supported us,to shift at an early stage to a service business and conceptualise our own smart metering service. Today we still participate in a Tekes project studying how overall consumption information can be further utilised and combined with other information,” Kati Pesola explains.

Text: Pirjo Rötkönen

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