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Amsterdam Declaration calls for strengthening Creative Industries in Europe

Amsterdam Declaration calls for strengthening Creative Industries in Europe

More than 75 experts adopted a Declaration during a two-day workshop held in Amsterdam urging regions, Member States and the European Commission to follow a more strategic European approach in support of innovation in creative industries. The event “Towards a Pan-European initiative in support of innovative creative industries in Europe” held on 4-5 February 2010 was organised by the European Commission’s Enterprise and Industry Directorate-General and hosted by the City of Amsterdam, the European Design Centre, the Association of Dutch Designers and the innovation platform IIP Create.


The mayor of Amsterdam, Job Cohen, highlighted that creative approaches are needed in order to help solve societal questions, adding that theses increasingly offer interesting economic opportunities. He stated that he fully subscribes to the initiative to develop a European strategy on creative industries and said that he was honoured and pleased that Amsterdam is mentioned as a leading region.
The participants agreed on the importance of the huge potential of the creative industries in Europe. They welcomed the idea of establishing a “European Creative Industries Alliance” that should help better to exploit the innovation potential of the creative industries both across and within countries in Europe by bringing those together who can deliver better policies and practical instruments and support.

The Amsterdam Declaration is the outcome of a electronic voting session at the end of the workshop, which discussed the possible scope and policy objectives for a “European Creative Industry Alliance”. The aim is to turn Europe’s cultural diversity into a competitive advantage for the rejuvenation of Europe’s industry. The challenge is to promote better transnational cooperation and support services in this field, with a view to creating new and better jobs and sustainable growth in the EU.



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