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Sunday, 18. August 2019  

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Creative Industries Journal


Drivers and Processes of Creative Industries in Cities and Regions
Authors:  Caroline Chapain And  Lisa De Propris 
Page Start: 9
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Governance-specific Factors and Cultural Clusters: The Case of the Museum Clusters in Florence
Authors:  Luciana Lazzeretti And  Tommaso Cinti 
Page Start: 19
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Creativity and Space: the opportunity of an urban creative jewellery cluster
Authors:  Lisa De Propris And  Ping Wei 
Page Start: 37
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Questioning creative work as driver of economic development: the case of Newcastle-Gateshead
Authors:  Roberta Comunian 
Page Start: 57
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Creative knowledge workers and location in Europe and North America: a comparative review
Authors:  Nick Clifton And  Phil Cooke 
Page Start: 73
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The spatial orientations and the behaviours of managers in the audio-visual, web design and consultancy sectors in a knowledge intensive city: Toulouse
Page Start: 91
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Issues in Developing an Audio-Visual Cluster in the West Midlands
Authors:  David Harte 
Page Start: 105
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Second seminar of the Regional Studies Association Research Network on Creative Industries and the Regions – Creative industries, scenes, cities, places: idiosyncratic dimensions of the cultural economy, April 2009, Cardiff
Authors:  Nick Clifton 
Page Start: 113
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