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Tuesday, 20. August 2019  

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European Cluster Conference 2010


The high-level “European Cluster Conference 2010” will address the role of world-class clusters in renewing European industry in light of the Europe 2020 strategy. It will gather key policy-makers from the European Commission, Member States, regional authorities and high-level speakers from academia and industry to discuss how better policies can be formulated to make full use of the economic potential of excellent clusters. The event is organised under the chairmanship of the Belgian EU Presidency by the European Commission DG Enterprise and Industry.

The future competitiveness of the European Union will depend on its ability to renew its industry base and to strengthen the thriving services sector towards a more competitive and greener economy based on knowledge and innovation. To achieve this, Europe needs more world-class clusters, which are hotbeds for turning innovative ideas into new products and services and for providing a particular fertile environment for new business formation that creates innovation, growth and jobs. A more strategic approach is needed that builds upon existing efforts and explores new cluster concepts for establishing the right framework conditions for new and innovative industries.

During the conference, the high-level European Cluster Policy Group will present their final policy recommendations of how this can be achieved. Roundtables will give national and regional authorities the opportunity to discuss specific actions of cluster policies and cases of specific sectors. The day of cluster managers will bring practitioners together interested in the further professionalisation of their cluster support activities and finding international partners during the first open meeting of the European Club of Cluster Managers. Moreover, participants will have the opportunity to test among the first the new Knowledge and Collaboration Platform of the European Cluster Observatory. The conference will, in particular, address the following questions:

  • What new cluster policies (instruments and tools) are needed to foster modern industries in line with the new nature of innovation?
  • What are the enabling framework conditions for the development of strong clusters in new innovative industries?
  • What actions are needed to raise the excellence of cluster policies in order to facilitate more world-class clusters in Europe?

Registration will be possible from 17/05/2010 on at this website. For more information please contact:







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