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Sunday, 18. August 2019  

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The Cluster Observatory maps creative regions

Creative and cultural industries (CCI) were the focus of a report recently released by the European Cluster Observatory. The report, written by Professor Dominic Power and Mr Tobias Nielsén, uses the Observatory’s data as a starting point for an analysis of a group of old and new industries that play a special role in the European economy. The definition of CCI includes industries in publishing, music, software, advertising, film, TV, radio, arts, libraries and museums.

Europe’s creative and cultural industries are global leaders and competitive exporters in a wide range of fields. They are the heart of creating Europe’s culture and identity, and central to promoting Europe’s identity around the world. Moreover they are an aggregate group of industries that in 2006 employed a total of about 6.5 million persons or 2.7% of the European labour market.

The report compares European regions and identifies regions where there is particularly high employment in CCI. Large urban areas and capital city regions dominate the creative and cultural industries, but some city regions do better than others. The super clusters London and Paris stand out, followed by Milan and Amsterdam. The highest growth rates are found in small regions, but some large regions, such as Seville, Southampton and Valencia, also have high growth rates.

Creativity creates employment and jobs for many. It also creates prosperity through spill-over effects, since it helps other industries to make more customer oriented products. One example could be phones with an attractive design. Creative industries are strategically valuable in many ways, commented Professor Dominic Power.

The preliminary results and methodology were presented at an expert workshop entitled “Towards a Pan-European initiative in support of innovative creative industries in Europe” organized by the DG Enterprise in cooperation with the City of Amsterdam, the European Design Centre, the Association of Dutch Designers and IIP Create in Amsterdam, 4–5 February 2010. The report was officially launched at a press conference on 19 May at the Stockholm School of Economics.

The report can be downloaded at the European Cluster Observatory .







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