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Sunday, 18. August 2019  

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Creative highway or the end of the road?

The UK leads the world in the creative industries and recent NESTA research has shown that this sector is growing at twice the rate of the rest of the economy.

But in the brave new digital age how does the UK preserve its world-beating status? We put together a leading panel to tackle this challenging question.

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Creative value

Jon Kingsbury opened a lively discussion on how emerging digital technologies are challenging and transforming the UK's creative industries by reminding the audience of the value of the sector.

Citing NESTA research he explained that Britain's creative industries are world-beating: worth £20 billion globally and £2 billion annually in the UK alone. The simple message is: we need to support them.

Charles Cecil

Charles Cecil gave a history of video games from a cottage industry started by adolescents in their bedrooms to a global success story that gives film and music a run for its money. He made a plea for a benign tax regime (carefully avoiding mentioning the games tax credit!) and a need for targeted education and training.

Colin Tweedy

Colin Tweedy gave a sneak preview of research due to be published on Friday which shows that confidence in digital and social media is widespread, and that there is a strong link between users of social media accessing information about arts and cultural organisations and events - often without the involvement of the arts organisations themselves.

He stressed that the research shows that if content online is good and adds value, it can provide a new source of revenue for the arts, and opens up new and exciting opportunities for fundraising.

Lee Hardman

Lee Hardman from Lime Pictures showed how emerging digital platforms arre changing the ways that audiences are engaging. He cited an example from one his own productions: 30% of the Hollyoaks audience access it via social media.

They are increasingly working on a new generation of stortytelling which works across TV, online, social media and mobiles - but alas his press office wouldn't let him follow Colin's lead and tell us about a new project Conker media are about to launch!







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