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Sunday, 18. August 2019  

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Interacting with Music Contents: opportunities for new businesses

The streaming conference is addressed to publishers and recorder of audio contents for new media, suppliers of integrated musical services on line, providers of music education products.j

Just by clicking on the link your client will have  the opportunity to be introduced to a cutting edge technology developed by the University of Milan and view its different applications related to audio/video/scores synchronization

Index of video

New Media and Innovative Applications [1:58]
Digital Archives for Music Cultural Heritage [1:29]
An Advanced Technology for Music Contents [3:08]
Mobile Applications - Music Mood Wheel [1:24]
Digitizing Audio, Scores, and Iconographic Materials [2:18]
Standards and Applications for Music Education [2:08]
Multimedia Installations and Exhibitions [2:38]

The economic crisis affecting most of the markets worldwide has forced companies to cut off travel expenses and participation in fairs and conferences. That’s why FAST, as a member of the Enterprise Europe Network, decided to provide you with the opportunity to make business simply by clicking on your computer. Without moving from your office you’ll have the chance to be introduced to a cutting edge technology developed by the Lab of Informatics for Music (LIM) of the University of Milan. Prof. Goffredo Haus, director of LIM,  will demonstrate the potential applications of this novel and promising know how in the field of music interaction.

A few hints on the technology

Thanks to the new standard for music representation and encoding registered by the IEEE Standards Association (IEEE 1599-2008), music events are encoded with symbols and all aspects of music such as sound, images, audio, video, MIDI, texts, metadata, etc., are represented within synchronized layers. This way, passive listening of binary files, such as MP3 with an iPod, become an interactive adventure and navigation of music, making an hypertext medium out of a piece of music, not depending on its format. The proprietary MX technology developed by LIM makes possible to get IEEE 1599-2008 multi-layer music files starting from a wide range of original music files encoded in their own standard.

Who could be interested in this technology?

  • Publishing and recording companies interested in valorization and refreshment of existing material;
  • Publishing and recording companies for new interactive media and new musical productions;
  • Suppliers of integrated musical services on line, such as the new business by VEVO, the music video and entertainment website which joins Universal, SONY, EMI, YouTube, Google, and Abu Dhabi Media Company, currently available only in the United States and Canada;
  • Providers of music education products.

Which market opportunities?

Major publishing and recording companies are migrating their business from physical to immaterial support. Traditional businesses for publishing and recording are in competition with consortiums that provide and distribute immaterial music via integrated services on the Web. Within such context, the new technology developed by LIM paves the way to new emerging opportunities, because it is suitable for:

  • audio supporting devices, such as CD-audio (decreasing market), DVD-video (stable market), Blu-ray Disc (BD) (growing market);
  • music audio files, immaterial, sold via Web (growing market);
  • interactive games (growing market): see “Guitar Hero”, “The Beatles: Rock Band”, etc.;
  • music education (stable market).

Potential Profits

All existing musical contents owned by publishing and recording companies can acquire new added value thanks to IEEE 1599-2008, within the context of new media, new ways of on-line musical fruition, new musical interactive games.

What is the estimated money value invested in  the technology?

The effort invested by LIM in terms of human resources is about 150 man-years.
The estimated costs for engineering a platform for music applications using IEEE 1599-2008 are around  0.5 - 1M €.

Existing Demo-Applications

Sixteen interactive applications are available for popular, classic and jazz music, as well as porting to new platforms such as mobile devices and Web.







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