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Sunday, 25. August 2019  

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Exploiting Digital Tools

University of the Arts, London



How will the creative industries use innovative digital tools & metadata to improve their creative and production processes?

Creative professionals use a wide variety of tools to assist them in researching, developing and exploring new ideas and concepts. Digital tools have emerged as essential in the creative process for enabling rapid visualisation of concepts and opening up new, iterative and collaborative approaches to creativity. A tipping point is now being reached in digital technology that will enable much richer, more fluid and intuitive creative tools, supporting creative people in their quest to come up with and communicate new ideas. This Beacon Project will explore how the application of new tools will help creative professionals transform the way their creative process works. “We are approaching an exciting time when computers will be powerful enough and software sophisticated enough for computers to be our creative partners; researching on our behalf, generating new concepts with us, learning our style and approach and being able to rapidly develop a concept on our behalf, the era of computational creativity is coming.” Dr. Simon Colton, Senior Lecturer and Computational Creativity Group Leader, Department of Computing, Imperial College London.







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