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Sunday, 25. August 2019  

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Successful gaming industry one of Finland's strong points

Gaming is a huge business, and Finland has solid expertise in the field.

Gaming has been the fastest growing segment in the entertainment industry in the new millennium. In 2008, the global gaming industry was worth about USD 50 billion (film industry: 84 billion, recorded music industry: 30 billion). Games are currently approaching the film industry at an annual rate of some billion dollars.

Financially, the gaming industry is Finland’s most significant field of cultural export. In 2008, the export value of the industry was about EUR 75 million. The industry has managed to produce several major international success stories and high-quality products, such as Angry Birds by Rovio, Habbo Hotel by Sulake, Max Payne by Remedy and iPhone games by Digital Chocolate.

The success of Finland in this field is founded upon a gaming culture that incorporates a wide variety of organised activity, such as the Assembly computer festival, strong technology knowhow and good value for products compared to many other Western countries.

Significant opportunities have been perceived especially in the digital distribution of games, as it generates no logistic or packaging costs. This means that the developer is left with a much larger share of the profit. Digital distribution has been successfully utilised by Finnish gaming companies such as Housemarque, Frozenbyte, Secret Exit and RedLynx.

In the future, games and simulations may also be incorporated into schools' learning environments and corporate training.

The Play Finland website, established in 2007, presents the Finnish gaming industry to international publishers, investors and other interested parties.

Tekes began the funding of business and research projects in the field of gaming in 2001. In 2009, the amount of funding provided to gaming-related projects was approximately EUR 6.5 million.







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