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Tuesday, 20. August 2019  

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ICT PSP Work Programme, Theme 2 Digital Content

Download the ICT PSP Work Programme 2011 here.

The theme will cover two main activities in the area of digital content, namely support to the further development of Europeana and to eLearning/digital learning. The total funding available for this theme is 38 M€, encompassing four objectives.

The Digital Agenda for Europe (DAE) aims to promote access to knowledge, cultural diversity and creative content, and facilitate the digitisation and dissemination of cultural works in Europe.

In line with the DAE, support will go to libraries, archives and museums across Europe wishing to contribute to the further development of Europeana as the single, direct and multilingual gateway to Europe's cultural heritage. This will be achieved by enhancing its content base to encompass as wide-ranging a collection of works as possible on all forms of media.

This theme will focus on aggregating content already existing in digital form and on fostering digitisation of content that is representative of the diversity and richness of Europe's cultural heritage. These actions will pave the way for cultural institutions to deploy further efforts for digitisation and online accessibility. This will be complemented by awareness raising to promote the use of Europeana content for research, learning and leisure and to further encourage cultural institutions to provide content through the site.

Support to digital learning will be through one objective in support of DAE policies on "Enhancing digital literacy, skills and inclusion" with a view to modernising education and training systems and integrating digital learning into national curricula across Europe.

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